10 Tips To Create Drool-worthy Food Photos For Social Media.

About Gail

Hi, I'm Gail!

After working in the food and beverage industry, I know the dedication that goes into creating a dish behind the scenes. It is a true labor of love that leaves no time for social media marketing. But food brings us together and is meant to be shared, right?!

I share your food digitally to help boost your online presence through data driven strategies and compelling images.

We will meet and take a deep dive to unlock the secret ingredient to your business. As a trained social media strategist and food photographer, I will implement goal-driven strategies that aligns to your business marketing goals and connect you to your foodie community.

We eat with our eyes first which is why high-quality food photos are essential for any food business. I aim to spark senses with your social media feed through professionally styled food images that tailors specifically to your brand. No more stock images that do not represent your food!

So, if you’re done shying away from the digital world and ready to get out of the kitchen – I am here to help you! Let’s get cooking and share your feed to the world!

Get to know me

The way to my heart is through oysters, cheese, and olives. Not all together though.
Road trips to and through Italy or South Africa.
There’s always a reason to buy more photography gear.
I can’t tell if I speak Dutch better than Afrikaans or vice versa. Luckily, I have English!
Proud boy mom!