10 Tips To Create Drool-worthy Food Photos For Social Media.

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About Gail

Hi, I'm Gail!

As a seasoned foodie, I understand the daily grind that food brands face in juggling time between the kitchen, the back end of their business, and marketing their product on social media.

Your business was born out of a love for bringing people together through food. I get it! Your passion lies in the kitchen, where innovation and testing demand your time. Staying ahead in the food industry means endless experimentation and spreading the word, especially on social media, has become a challenge.

I’m here to take that burden off your plate, so you can focus on doing what you love most.

My passion? It’s helping food brands like yours share your delicious products with the world. Sure, anyone can create a product, but your brand is unique, and it has a story to tell.

“People do not buy goods and services; they buy relationships, stories, and magic.” – Seth Godin

I’m here to weave that magic into your brand’s online narrative, complete with all the visuals. Quality over quantity, organic growth, and genuine connections – that’s my recipe for success!

So, are you ready to spice up your food brand’s presence? Let’s cook up a personalised plan to give you back more freedom to do the things you love most about your business.

What my clients say:

Trouble & Spice
Trouble & Spice
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Working with Gail is a real pleasure. She is filled with great ideas and insights with so much initiative while also responding well to feedback. She is the perfect balance of professional and approachable.
La BurattaKaasmakerij
La BurattaKaasmakerij
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Gail is fantastic! She built our Instagram and Facebook profiles from scratch, and the results were instant—we began gaining followers and customers right away! What sets her apart is that she didn't just create posts; she created photos and videos of our products to clearly show who we are and what we do. I highly recommend her!
Lekker Plantaardig
Lekker Plantaardig
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Gail heeft voor mij een kort promotiefilmpje gemaakt voor mijn kookboek Lekker Plantaardig. Ze begreep goed mijn wensen en heeft die vertaald in drie versies voor drie social media. Ik ben erg tevreden met zowel ons contact als het resultaat!
Shelby - Fit as a mama bear
Shelby - Fit as a mama bear@fitasamamabear
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The way that Gail maps out content in advance and tunes into the message you’re trying to get across is wonderful. Her posts were thoughtful and in line with my beliefs and goals. Aesthetically, my grid has also never looked better. She not only grew my reach, followers, and engagement in one month but she also taught me how to simplify what I’m posting and to better use the app to get what I needed from it. Working with her was an amazing experience.